Choosing a boat exclusively dedicated to day charter activities

In view of launching a new day charter activity, an operator may wonder about the relevance of choosing a vessel designed exclusively for this type of activity. But choosing a day charter catamaran for day cruise is obviously the best choice!

The development of a professional activity centered on tourism and the transport of a maximum of passengers should naturally orient the operator towards the acquisition of a day charter catamaran rather than towards the use of a classic sailing boat.

Indeed, naval architects and designers conceive day charter catamarans taking into account the very nature of this activity and respecting the safety and the comfort of the passengers and the crew.

Surface on board

The deck area of ​​a day charter catamaran is 3 times bigger than on a classic sailing boat which allows the operator to receive a larger number of passengers on board. The passenger benefits from more comfort in terms of relaxation area and shaded surface which protects him/her from the sun or from any squall at sea. Furthermore, maximum ventilation contributes to higher convenience on board.

From the operator’s point of view, the advantageous surface of the day charter catamaran provides a 360-degree view of what is happening on board, a proven guarantee of safety. Additionally, the centered position of the captain, who is as close as possible to the passengers, allows a better cohesion between the captain and the passengers and offers the possibility of creating a serene atmosphere on board.

The trampoline surface is also significantly larger on a day charter catamaran compared to a classic sailing boat which can accommodate 2 X 10 passengers compared to 2 X 3 people on a classic boat.

Performance and consumption

The architects of day charter catamarans develop professional vessels capable of moving comfortably and quickly from one point to another. The speed of movement of the day charter catamarans is higher compared to a classic sailing boat. A difference of 4 knots can be noted, which is considerable. The duration of transits is thus limited, which naturally generates comfort for passengers. More stops are possible while less time is spent at sea.

Furthermore, the great stability of the catamaran compared to the monohull is no longer to be demonstrated in terms of comfort and safety on board.

An economic advantage also lies in the fact that fuel consumption is optimized on professional vessels.

And the maintenance?

Engine room of a day charter catamaran Ocean Voyager 53

Day Charter catamarans are built with materials specifically designed for high resistance to the intense passage of people on board. This requires minimum maintenance by the operator, which is not the case for a classic sailing vessel.  

From a legal point of view …

The control monitored by the law is different for a classic sailing craft compared to a day charter catamaran. Thus, the passengers can take, voluntarily or not, a real risk as in terms of protection and safety, according to the operator that they choose to use.

In conclusion, it is essential to carefully study the advantages and disadvantages of the vessel to be acquired according to the project and the nature of the activity that one wishes to set up. For professional day trips, the most suitable working tool will be directed to a day charter catamaran for the safety and respect of passenger’s comfort.

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