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More than 50 catamarans 

You can currently find more than 50 OV catamarans sailing the seven seas for different business and operators.

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Our construction sites enables us to manage all the stages of the production. Our main aim as catamaran manufacturers is to reduce delivery time. This is why we have decided to build and deliver from two different shipyards.



Koggala, Sri Lanka

Based in Koggala, Sri Lanka, our shipyard produces Ocean Voyager craft for clients. A modern production facility attached to the multihull segment of the Sea Leisure Yachting Group, we have a design office 100% dedicated to the production of Ocean Voyager and a dedicated team capable of producing up to 6 boats a year. 

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DELIVERED, in 6 to 9 months

With dual-production shipyards, Ocean Voyager is equipped to deliver fully-customized versions of 4 models ranging in size from 40 to 78 feet in less than 9 months.

Welipantanwila, Sri Lanka

A larger facility designed to meet increased demand from clients operating from the Indian Ocean, Asia, Oceania and Western Pacific, the Welipantanwila shipyard is over 3000 sum and adjacent to the sea, equipped to produce the Ocean Voyager 64 and 78 — each designed, managed, and guaranteed by OV France, built to European standards, and certified by the IMCI.


Meet our team to discuss about your project

Our experts are able to give you the best advice for choosing the most suitable sailing boat


With some investments returned in as little as 3-4 years, your relationship with Ocean Voyager begins well before the purchase with business plans, highly-specialized customization, local regulations and financing.

And post-sale, we accompany your business with marketing and communications : support for recruitment and training : contracting onboard services, maintenance, and resale.


PIERRE PRINGIERS – Chairman in Sail Lanka Charter

” Sail Lanka ordered a OV53′ in October 2016 and it was delivered in March 2017 exactly as expected. We worked closely with the Ocean Voyager team to design the perfect boat for our customers and local requirements. The OV53′ is versitle and is as ideal for a 25-person, luxury lunch or whale watching cruise, as it is for a party with 50 people dancing.

The Sri Lankan coast is untouched and breathtaking and i’m convinced that the addition of the Ocean Voyager will contribute positively to Blue Water Tourism development in the region. “


Founded in 2003 by Xavier Desmarest and Stéphan Constance, the Grand Large Yachting Group consists of six shipyards and two service companies piloted from France and the United States and is a globally-recognized leader in the production of high-end luxury travel boats.

The group owns 6 brands (Alumarine, Allures, Garcia, Outremer, Gunboat, Ocean Voyager) dedicated to shipbuilding and 2 brands (EFT and Grand Large services) dedicated to training and services. We are present in three maritime markets: pleasure craft, professional vessels and service.

The group vertically integrates most manufacturing processes (Aluminum, composite, carbon) and has a considerable expertise in systems such as plumbing, electronics, electricity, rigging… which allows Ocean Voyager customers to benefit from the best of highly-skilled technicians in the production of their boats.

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Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs who share a passion for the sea.

Committed to the needs of boating professionals since 2015, Ocean Voyager offers an experienced team and dedicated infrastructure to support your day charter project.

By choosing to work with Ocean Voyager you embark upon a long-term collaboration with a team of professionals, all passionate about sailing and entrepreneurship. Implicit in this journey is the experience of the group in the design and manufacture of high-end catamarans and aluminum boats. Choosing Ocean Voyager means partnering with the Grand Large Group, which is financially strong and recognized for the quality of its vessels and respect of its commitments.

With the profitability of your business at the heart of our considerations, we produce modern, innovative and robust boats which are among the best investments in tourism. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we wish to create a lasting relationship with our operators and will remain at your side committed to the success of your operation.

CEO Ocean Voyager
Co-founder Grand Large Yachting group

Meet our team to discuss about your project

Our experts are able to give you the best advice for choosing the most suitable sailing boat


THE OV 53′

Don’t judge the Starter by its size !
This 53-foot treasure is very functional and easy to manoeuvre.

THE OV 64′

With its 64-foot, its elegant design, advanced functions and long nacelle, this large catamaran is definitely unique.

THE OV 78′

This 70-foot catamaran embodies cachet and modernity. Put your trust in this wonder and enjoy the best investment of your life.


Choose your own dimensions, layout, speed… Anything can be customized according to your business needs.

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