Interest from large leisure, travel and tourism companies to invest in an Ocean Voyager day charter catamaran: the example of TUI with Sodade and Seagull.

TUI that is the the largest leisure, travel and tourism company in the world has recently invested in 64 feet Ocean Voyager day charter catamarans that are operated in Dubrovnik, Croatia and in Sal, Cape Verde. This major player of the tourism industry has well understood the profitable investment opportunity of acquiring a day charter catamaran as it valorizes the totality of their package and secures its operations.

To maximize its investment, TUI schedules daily three excursions offering a great experience at sea to their tourists residing in its hotel on the beach. With an average of 80 excursions a month during the good season taking into account that up to 90 pax join every cruise, the benefits of the investment are easily perceptible.

In example, in Sal TUI proposes in the morning and in the afternoon 3 hours cruise up to the point of Monte Leao where guests can swim or go fishing. At the return of the boat in the harbor a djembe session is organised while guests can dance on the sound of the music. In the evening, three times a week, an aperitif sunset cruise is proposed to guests in the Palmeira Bay.

Furthermore, we can note that the standardization of TUI sail excursions is a significant advantage for the hotel group.

By opting for an Ocean Voyager day charter catamaran, TUI benefits from all the advantages that the naval architects and the designers wished to integrate while conceiving this professional sailing boat: Safety and absolute comfort for the passengers and the crew.

Furthermore, the maximized surface on board with the large deck area allows the operator like TUI to receive a larger number of passengers on board. From 50 to 150 passengers according to the size of the day charter catamaran. Ocean Voyager offers a range from 40 feet up to 78 feet that can accommodate any size of beach hotel. With Ocean Voyager, the clients benefit from comfort in terms of relaxation area, shaded surface and fun zones such as the large trampoline that can welcome up to 20 passengers according to the size of the boat.

Large hotel groups or major TO’s such as TUI, this Anglo-German multinational travel and tourism company, have interest to invest in an Ocean Voyager day charter catamaran to valorize their own brand. Ocean Voyager being part of Grand Large Yachting group, that regroups 8 brands with a turnover of around 60 million euros/year and 450 employees, represents a solid partner to develop large investment projects.

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